All Steel Homes
After Hurricane Andrew devastated Miami in 1995, destroying thousands of homes, several People reported that their steel buildings had weathered the storm with no damage. These accounts just reinforced an idea that had been growing inside us for some time. Steel Home Fabricators offers services world wide. 

Reduce Costs / Minimize Risk: We combine proven steel construction methods and commercial steel contractors. We use a library of certified components that assemble with standard tools.

Steel Home Development construction approach begins with 3D Engineering/ Modeling and Shop Details. We then produce a pre-fabricated kit of parts that assembles on site. Our clients benefit by using Prefab technology and readily available materials and labor.

Creative Design

Design flexibility is paramount in today’s custom driven market. Our steel frame can handle any shape, and our factory finished panels come in many different colors and styles

3D Modeling, Engineering and Detailing

All of Steel Home Development buildings are designed using the latest in BIM (Building Information Management) software and Parametric 3Dimensional Engineering Technology. This intelligent and precise engineering ensures the highest level of build quality and provides an accurate design process

Engineered Steel Structure

Construction starts with our pre-cut, pre-drilled I-Beam Steel Structure for rapid on-site assembly. Our commercial grade steel frames offer superior strength which opens up interior volumes and enables creative, cutting-edge designs.